Unit Two
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WW I Assignment
WW I Casualties Raw Data
Origins of WWI
War Diary
U-boat Attack Cape Cod
Freedom of Speech?
Flu Pandemic 1918
Reconstruct 1918 virus
Clues to Flu of 1918
Molasses Flood
Tanks First Used in Battle

Link to Chapter Pre Reading

World War One spreadsheet data

Massachusetts Moments - Ku Klux Klan meet in Worcester

Massachusetts Moments - "Birth of a Nation"

Massachusetts Moments - First Iron Lung

History Today Article on British Imperialism

Web Site with Details of Verdun

Using the Web to Develop Art Sources for your Essays

Link to "War Times Journal" the Great War Series

Link to War Poem of Wilfred Owen

Flu Warning 7/1/05

Flu Vaccine


President William Taft          President Woodrow Wilson