Agenda for Training
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Wednesday (7/5/06)

8:30 – Ice breaker (teacher who had the greatest impact on me)

                   using “Think, Pair, Share” listening strategy


9:15 – Overview of Mentoring Program in Andover


9:30 – Highlights of Mentor Handbook (demonstrate on line version)


9:45 – Exploring the Handbook

                   small groups assigned a “section” to:

1.     explore and select a “key activity/concept”

2.     create a short (around 10 minute) presentation that

a.      describes the selection along with related pre and post ideas to be used

b.     suggests a rationale for why the selection is important

c.     speculates on who would be most in need of this selection

d.     considers how a mentee might respond in the best and worst case scenario.


@11:15 – Debrief of morning session then break for lunch (we will begin again promptly at 12:15)


12:15 – new small groups to discuss possible scenarios confronted by mentors

1.     read and discuss assigned scenario

2.     create short skit showing a less than good solution

3.     create a second skit showing a “smooth” solution

12:40 – presentation of skits with a “critique” to follow looking for insights, suggestions, questions.


1:20 – Reading assignments for Thursday: everyone should go to Craig’s mentoring web site (then look to left for “Mentoring”) and read each article in;

·        “New Teacher Stuff”

·        “Mentoring Issues” and

·        The Kozol article in “School Issues”


In addition, each group will need to explore and be prepared to discuss;

                    Group One

New Teachers on-Line at  

Group Two

          Classroom Management ideas at

Group Three

          Teacher Mentoring. ERIC Digest #7 at

Group Four

          New Perspectives on Mentoring. ERIC Digest at

Group Five

Selecting and Retaining Teacher Mentors. ERIC Digest at


Thursday (7/06/06)


8:30 – Large group discussion of the Kozol article


9:00 – Group One focus on “New Teacher Stuff – New Teacher Guide”

          Group Two focus on “New Teacher Stuff – For New Teachers”

          Group Three focus on “New Teacher Stuff – SPED for New Teachers”

          Group Four focus on “Mentoring Issues – Mentoring Roles”

          Group Five focus on “Mentoring Issues – Peer to Peer”


9:20 – Large group to share insights from each group’s discussion


9:45 – Return to groups to explore web articles.  We will be using a jigsaw so everyone needs to be an expert in regarding your group’s article.


10:00 – One member of each group will go to Section A, one to Section B and so on.  You have thirty minutes to share insights of each group (Group One will need a computer to demo their insights so each section will be at a computer station.)


10:30 – Group by level and begin discussion of what “product” will be produced for next years mentees.  These should be specifically aimed at the realistic needs of new teachers in your level.  They may include, but are certainly not limited to:

1.     Best practices

2.     Survival guide (key personal and roles, where to find a bathroom, computer key codes,

3.     Timeline of mentor/mentee year

4.     Hierarchal flow chart of the entire system from top (School Committee) to bottom (probably the mentee)

5.     An online guide to resources for new teachers

6.     anything else that a good brainstorming session might come up with


11:30 – Lunch break (we begin again promptly at 12:00)


12:15 – Videotape – Sixty Minutes, “Echo Boomers” 

Watch tape and create lists of:

1.     implications for dealing with our present students

2.     implications for dealing with our present students’ parents

3.     implications for dealing with our mentees

We will use an initial brainstorming technique and then categorize and develop those ideas chosen as most significant.


Friday (7/07/06)


8:30 – Expectations for August 24th


9:00 – Go to your project groups (finish at 11:00)


11:45 – Small groups to work with film clips of three teachers teaching (play nice, these three agreed to let us use their tapes because they are committed to the mentoring program)

1.     select a short segment (@ five minutes) or segments and create a role play of a

a.      pre-observation conference

b.     show the clip

c.     post observation conference

2.     you will do this twice

a.      the first time do it badly

b.     the second time do it well (no need to replay the tape on the second run through)

We will begin the presentations at 12:15 and debrief each group after each role play (it is up to the group to lead the “critique” of their choices)

1:15 – Pass out evaluations, reflections and see you on the 24th.