Super Power Essay
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Superpower Theory Critique Essay

Critical Thinking and Some Common Errors to Look for When Reading an Essay or Listening to a Lecture

Issues around primary versus secondary sources (particularly reliability and bias)

Use of overgeneralization (any statement of fact with little or no evidence that the statement is valid)

Use of value judgment (often these are adjectives describing the worth or the motives of a behavior particularly when ethnocentric ideas are used as a lens for judgment)

Implied causation where none is proven to exist

Speculation stated as fact

Finding corollaries where none are proven to exist

Use of data out of context

The use of weak substantiations (i.e., examples are extremely weak prove of an idea)

Essay Assignment : due on 9/22.

You are to critique the "Superpower" lecture. In your critique you should refer to specific moments in the lecture when either an error of logic was made or when a powerful use of substantiation made the lecture strong.

Warning: do not get caught up in arguing the validity of the theory. It is irrelevant!

ONE page typed

Include your cluster outline (we want to see what you discarded as much as what you decided to retain)

Include your linear outline

Include the essay

A final warning do not make these errors yourself as you are writing the essay.