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You had three different exposures to the concept of culture:


1.     Alphaland

2.     Betaland

3.     United States

bulletEach of these cultures answers the universal questions of culture
bulletThese answers reflect/create the values and beliefs of the cultures.



Select one of the cultural universals discussed and explore it from the point of view of an American, a Betan and an Alphan.  In each instance, discuss the values and beliefs each culture reveals by the ways they choose to answer the universal question you have selected as your focus.  Substantiate with direct references to the cultures, however, DO NOT SIMPLY REPEAT THE RULES OF THE CULTURE.



        No more than two (2) typed double spaced pages using a 12 point font.  If you choose to be nice to our tired old eyes and use a 14 point font then you may go to two and one half pages.

(this is 14 point Times New Roman)

(this is 14 point Courier New)

(this is 12 point Courier New)

(this is 14 point Ariel)

Please leave a normal margin so we can fit in our comments.  Also, please note the effect of both size and type of your font choices.


        Late papers are penalized ONE GRADE PER DAY.


        Papers are due at the beginning of class on 9/10/08


        If you cannot be in class, be sure that your essay is sent in and arrive before the beginning of class



        Page 1  Cluster outline

        Page 2  Linear outline

        Page 3 & 4 Your essay

        Page 5  Blank with your name and level on the BACK of the page.