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Spring Moon Packet
History of China: Table of Contents
Tang Dynasty Art
The China Century
About Mao
Tiananmen Material
Economist Country Brief
Environmental Issues
Social Change
Gov't Control
Legal System
NPR Marketplace
PEM Assignment
Western Observations


Each of the links in the left side frame will take you to either an article of interest for this unit or to an essay assignment.  In addition, several special links listed below will take you to particularly excellent Web Sites.

Mao's Little Red Book (English Translation)

 The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Analects of Confucius

The Official Website of the People's Government

NPR article on a new Biography of Mao

Here and Now article on  "Envisioning a Democratic China

On Point article on "China and Confucian Democracy"

Search images for Tiananmen AND THEN (Google in China) images for Tiananmen

Last updated on 4/27/2007

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